About Us

Welcome to Sunshine Everyday, a company founded on the belief that we should try to bring some SUNSHINE into our lives EVERYDAY! How? Well, we believe that Sunshine equates to happiness, joy, and fulfillment. So, bringing a little Sunshine into your day is done simply by doing something that you love to do . . . everyday! Whether it be getting into Nature, doing something creative, engaging in self-care activities, wearing a favorite outfit, or spending time with family, if it brings you joy and happiness, then DO IT!

When Sandy was a child, her beloved grandfather always called her his “little Sunshine.” And as a wee one, her brother couldn’t say “Sandy” so called her “Sunny”. Knowing that Sunshine is one of the 7 pillars of health, it seemed only fitting that Sandy would name her company Sunshine Everyday! (By the way, the 7 pillars of health are: Clean air, pure water, wholesome foods, movement, rest, sleep, and Sunshine!)

It’s true that getting out into the sun can literally make us feel better. There is healing power in the sun’s energy. Likewise, by spending time doing what brings you joy on a regular basis, you can improve your health and overall well-being. Creating a peaceful environment, both on the inside and the outside, will ultimately lead to wholeness and optimal health and happiness. Since the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being are all interconnected, it makes sense that creating balance and harmony in all these areas will promote a sense of well-being and, therefore, an ability to heal or recover faster from the stressors that we encounter in our daily lives.

Sunshine Everyday was founded on this belief, especially in the form of expression with art, which is Sandy’s “sunshine”! Through visual art, music, poetry, dance, or theater, art can take us to other worlds, spark our imagination, and calm our souls. It can take us inward as a form of meditation, allowing escape from external stressors and the mad rush of the world we live in. So just as the sun is healing, so is art in all its forms.

Starting in 2007 with a line of inspirational tee shirts, hats, and tote bags, Sunshine Everyday has added beautiful scarves (NeCollage), Granny Square water bottle holders (Roady Totes), home décor items, and jewelry made with natural elements such as sea glass, feathers, crystals, and butterfly wings. Many pieces are embellished with upcycled jewelry, antique buttons, and other bling to make your heart sing! Each item is handcrafted by Sandy and made with love and positive energy.

Whether you wear it, create it, or just appreciate it, art is healing, just like the sun! We invite you to add a little Sunshine to your day . . .Everyday!